Football Legends of All Time


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For years, there has been a lot of debates about who could be the greatest football player of all time. Avid football fans have a lot of whom might be the best player. Many sports websites also, including those big organizations have attempted to rank the players. Perhaps ever since the sports began, this has been a hot topic.

We are afraid that this topic will not be going to end any time soon. In fact, we’re going to make our list of history’s best footballers. You might be annoyed or disagree with this. And you are free to let us know. If you think one of these players doesn’t deserve to be here, you can leave a comment below.

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Now, for our list of legends, here is a look at some of the best players in the history of football.


According to Time magazine, Pelé is one of the 100 most important people of the 20th century. Many football fans tagged him as the King of Football. By that, you’ll have a clue on how amazing this man was.

At the age of 17, Pele already announced his name in the football world. His goal scoring abilities are unmatched. In his 24 years of career in playing football, Pelé scored more than 1000 goals. Until today, no footballer has ever scored more goals than Pelé ever.

During his time, Pelé won several individual awards, as well as tournaments with the Brazilian football team which includes the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Player of the Century, the FIFA World Cup Best Young Player award and many more. Many fans claimed that it was Pelé who made Brazil the football nation.


Diego Maradona 

You can’t call yourself an avid football fan if you don’t recognize Diego Maradona.  Many would say that Diego Maradona is the best player in football history. With 5ft 5ins tall, Maradona is considered as the little man in the football court. But Maradona made this stature as his advantage in the game. He was able to control the ball effortlessly and score memorable goals.

In Maradona’s 21-year career, he won some of the biggest events like the FIFA World Cup, the FIFA Player of the Century, the FIFA World Cup Golden Ball, and the FIFA World Cup Golden shoe award, and many more.


Johan Cruyff

Johan Cruyff’s unique style of playing made him an iconic footballer and no one will argue with that. It is said that Johan Cruyff changed how the world saw football. Cruyff revolutionized a lot of things in football. He invented the trick called ‘Cruyff turn’. He also pioneered the use of shirt numbers outside the traditional 1 to 11, choosing number 14.

Johan Cruyff won the Ballon d’Or three times and 1974 FIFA World Cup Golden Ball. He also led his team to second place in the 1974 FIFA World Cup.


Franz Beckenbauer

Beckenbauer was undoubtedly the greatest German player in the history of football, and also one of the five or six greatest players of all time. He could play fully in the back, formidably in the middle of the field and even as a lateral. To improve, he still scored goals. He was one of the great leaders of the super Bayern München of the 70s and captain of Germany in the European and World titles, also in the 70s. After hanging up his boots, he managed to match the Brazilian Zagallo and be the second man to win a World Cup both as a player and as a coach.

Lionel Messi 

Lionel Messi isn’t a retired football player, but many considered him already as the greatest football player of all time. Messi’s freekick and passes are excellent. He also scored some of the iconic goals in football history. In 2010, he led Barcelona to victory in La Liga by regularly scoring 50 goals a season. Messi has won the Ballon d’Or six times, the UEFA Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup. He also received the Best FIFA Men’s Player awards.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Not the best, but surely one of the most effective goal scorers in football’s history. His speed and fascinating style of dribbling are also known in the football world. He became a legend of Real Madrid winning all possible titles, including four UEFA Champions League, three in a row. He also won the UEFA Euro for Portugal National Team in 2016. Ronaldo currently holds the record for most goals made in the UEFA Champions League scoring a total of 128 goals.

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